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Benefaction Club

The benefaction club is the third chapter in the foundation. While spreading awareness in the form of art and talking about the struggles the society, it is important to reach out to those in need in the form of basic amenities like food, water, clothing, shelter and also provide education to those in need. This comes under the benefaction club. It is where we take up field work in order to help those who need it. It has been a part of the foundation since the beginning and it is a vital part of the foundation.


IWhile spreading awareness and empathy regarding the community is important, it is also important to address the socio-political issues that concern the community, issues regarding mental health of each individual, the inherent discrimination towards the community and also to address many other such issues that affect one’s lifestyle.

 Guftgau is the chapter that deals with such issues. It brings to light these issues and also focuses on bringing together minds that would help unravel the problem at hand. Find ways to deal with it and give their two cents about the problem. This has been a successful chapter in the sense that it helped many people open up about their sexuality


Cultural events

As an NGO, since its inception, we have been reaching out to the society for spreading awareness and teaching empathy towards the LGBTQIA+ community. We have been doing this in the form of social media content, seminars, field work and so on. But our major success to make the community more visible has been through the cultural events that we organise.

The cultural events that mobbera organises have encompassed a range of shows and art forms that make the community and its members visible. Dance, music, drama and poetry are few of the many events that come under the umbrella of mobbera’s cultural events. While making the community visible is one of the goals, it is also our aim to raise an understanding towards the community in the society.